How to Install Anti Copy Paste Using CSS on Blogger

Hello BloggerByte Readers Today I will share a tutorial on How to Install Anti Copy Paste Using CSS on Blogger . This method is very impressive and very useful for novice bloggers. For beginner bloggers, you must read and understand what I will give because this is very good for maintaining the quality of your blog content.

You will lose rank in search engines, at first maybe you will get rank 1 but if there is a lot of people who steal your work, chances are you will go down to rank 10 and below which makes your blogger results or visitors will decrease by 200%.

How to Install Anti Copy Paste Using CSS on Blogger

1. Please login to using your Gmail.

2. Enter the THEME menu> Click Edit HTML .

3. Find the following code
</ head>
and paste the following code right ABOVE the code.


4. If you have already click SAVE and Done .

After you finish installing the css code above, please save your template and please try to copy the text on your blog, the code in the pre, code and KBD box can still be copied as usual.

That's all about tutorial How to Install Anti Copy Paste Using CSS on Blogger if you have problems or questions about bloggers please comment in the comments column below this article.

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