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Optimizing meta tags is the best way to provide information on a site to search engines like google, bing and so on. Not only that, meta tags are one of the most important components that must be implemented on a website or blog as the most basic onpage SEO optimization step.
If simplified, meta tags are a collection of HTML code that is installed on a site or blog written in the <head> section which serves to help search engines or social media to find a summary of the entire content of a site.

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How Important Are Meta Tags?

In order to get a place in search results, a site or blog must include a meta tag in its blog code structure, unless the blog is set up for a specific person or reader. It can be said that the data that will appear in search results is mostly sourced from meta tags.
Meta tags that are well organized and complete will make your site indexed by search engines faster and more likely to get a high position in search results.

What Should Be In A Meta Tag?

The most standard meta tags are meta tags which provide some important information such as Site Title , Description , Keywords , and Thumbnail Images.
If the four data above are already in your meta tag before then it is enough to compete in search results. But it's not only your site that applies this method, there are thousands of other sites with similar niches that implement the same thing even with better quality content from your site. Are you able to compete with them? Your only chance is to maximize your meta tags by adding some other equally important code to improve the quality of your site. So what are the things that you need to add to your site? see the explanation below:

-Meta Open Graph

Sources of traffic / visitors to a site are not only from search engines, most of them also come from social media. for that it is also important to provide a summary of your site's information to social media such as Facebook , Twitter and so on. The trick is to add an open graph meta tag to your site.

-Site Authority

Contains ownership information from a site, such as the name of the site builder, the site owner's information link, the webmaster verification code and so on.

-Robot Meta Tag

This meta tag serves to provide more complex information to search engine robots, important things that are usually added in this meta tag are information on the language of your site, the location of your site and several other things.
If you have applied all of the above information to your meta tags, you can be sure that your site will occupy a high position in search results. At least your site is indexed faster than usual.


Meta tags play an important role in the visibility of a content. Search engines uses this information to build indices and give users what they search for the Meta tags serve us a small advertising agent. If used correctly it will give the content much user visibility and more traffic. Consider this example: you are writing an article about India and it has meta tags like states,languages,types of food, people etc. then your article will come up if somebody search for states,food,people,languages.this happens because it has meta tags.

Using Meta tags

Meta tags should be compelling and not make meta tags lengthy .Recommended description length is about 140-160 charecters.if it is longer than that it is usually truncated and mention the key notes in it.
Important things to remember when using Meta tags
length  of the meta description (140-160)
avoid duplicate meta description
do not use quotes in tags(if used can be cut off)
best to avoid non-alphanumeric characters
use meta tags for articles with small no of key words
if articles is lengthy, contains too much key words or description do not use meta tags
(Reason : if you use tags if your tags and the user search keyword is different it causes distraction to your this case do no use tags and let the search engine extract tags)
use keywords to start your article because if meta tags are absent then sites like Facebook uses the first text In the content to relate your content
make sure that the meta tags description are unique.