Whatsapp Chat Link Generator

Whatsapp Chat Link Generator

Whatsapp Chat Link Generator:

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This WhatsApp chat link generator tool helps you to generate chat link that can be used on your website or anywhere else. You may have seen contact buttons on many different websites on internet and WhatsApp Chat button is one of them.

It is very easy to make contact or chat button for other social media sites but it is difficult to make contact or chat button for WhatsApp. It is not as much difficult to make chat button for WhatsApp but no one knows how to create it.

To overcome this problem I have created a simple tool for you which will help you to make chat link for WhatsApp. By using this simple tool you can create chat link for your WhatsApp account with default message. You simply have to enter your mobile number on which you have registered your WhatsApp account and then click the button to generate your WhatsApp chat link.

The generated chat link will be shown and you have to copy that link and share it wherever you want specially on your website or blog so that anyone can click on that link and contact you via your WhatsApp account. So these are some simple steps that you have to follow to create your WhatsApp chat link with default chat text or default message.

  1. Enter the WhatsApp account Mobile Number in the form below.
  2. Enter the default message that you want your visitors to send you.
  3. Click Generate Link Button
  4. Now Click on the Generated Link it will be automatically copied to clipboard.

This is the tool which will help you to make your WhatsApp chat link you can follow the steps provided above to use this tool or watch the video on my YouTube channel.

So I think that you will appreciate my work and provide your feedback in the comment section below because I'm always waiting for your positive feedback because I write posts and create videos for my YouTube channel with all my will power. Share this tool with your friends who have websites so that they can also make WhatsApp chat button and add it to their websites.

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