Url, Hex And Base64 Encoding has many uses, depending on the purpose! In general, I find this type of encryption suitable for those who like to write, save secret letters, letters, messages sent to many places without being exposed, or exchange secrets with each other on the forums. , etc. and clouds ...

This encoding system has 3 types of encoding: URL , HEX and Base64 . The special thing about this type of encryption is that the encoding and decoding methods are different (depending on the coder). There is no common way to decode an encrypted piece of code if you do not know how many operations and the encoding order. !


Enter Text or Code to encode / decode into the box !
  • Press the Url Encoding button to encode the format Url
  • Ring button Decode Url to decode the form Url
  • Press the button Hex Encoding to encrypt the form Hex
  • Click the Decode Hex button to decode the Hex form
  • Press the Base64 Encoding button to encrypt the Base64 encoding
  • Click the Base64 Decode button to decode the Base64 format
Note: In what order of encoding, when decoding must reverse decode !
For example:
  • Encoding: Url (3 times) => Hex (6 times) => Base64 (9 times)
  • Decode: Base64 (9 times) => Hex (6 times) => Url (3 times)
For encoding Other Langauge text, you should prioritize encoding Url first, so that after decoding, there will be no font errors. !